Charts - Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd

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Evening all, once again, I didn't follow through with a blog for every day. But I AM writing a blog on a Friday, so that's something at least!

Let's get straight to the point. This week wasn't great, finishing down over all. But i'm not too bothered. I'm not sure if i've mentioned this since the start of the year but I feel like i'm working out the last few kinks before it all falls into place and I start to turn this around. Like I said at the start of the year, I've set my self targets for the year. Unless I have a stormer of a week next week, it doesn't look like i'll hit the target for this month, but a profitable month is very do able, so that's my main aim for next week.

I didn't take any trades on Wednesday, I took two yesterday, before the ECB announcements and I took most of today off as it was just free falling this morning without any entries in sight. (For me at least!)

Charts - Tuesday 20th January

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I work the morning shift on Tuesdays but this didn't stop me taking three trades today. One loss, one win and another trade still running. As usual, i'm writing this the day after. I'll try and get them update a bit quicker, I promise!

EU Sells
1. This was my high volume zone and the area I was working from.

You can see the two sells I took on the right hand chart. The first trade was stopped but the second trade came good, covered the loss and I still managed to hit my daily % target.

Just before the second trade hit the target I was taken into a longer term trade based on the 30min 5x2 PnF chart. It has pretty much gone sideways since this point and i'm currently down about 4 pips. My stop is 55 pips so we'll see how it plays out over the course of today (Wednesday).

EU 30min 5x2

Charts - Friday 16th January

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As usual, i'm slow getting the Friday update posted. Considering this post makes it eight entries for the year and I only managed nine in the whole of last year, I think i'm doing ok!

I went to see my girlfriend for the weekend with no wifi so I didn't get around to posting these charts.

Had another positive trade which rounded off my week nicely. One of the best in a while. Now to keep on top of things. The excel charts, albeit simple have really made a difference to my trading. Having the 45° trend lines has been really advantageous.

EURUSD 15min / 3min
1. This was the high volume zone which I took the trade from. Coupled with the down trend already in place on the 3min excel charts, this was a nice place to look for an entry. You can see the green box on the right chart where I took my entry, just as it broke the low of the zone.

2. I was targeting the low of the high volume 15min zone from Thursdays CHF inspired spike. Seeing as I'd had a good week up until this point I decided to close one half of the trade at the initial target and let the second half run and trail the stop. It didn't quite hit the target at the low of the zone and was stopped for a good profit on the retrace.