Week 15 charts

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I'll get back into the swing of blogging next week, I swear!

Whilst March finished on Tuesday the 31st I then had the rest of that week to trade. I only took one more trade for the week which came on the Wednesday. This trade also finished as a loss. Thursday was flat and I didn't trade Friday as it was a bank holiday and I was flying over to the UK. Last week finished as -2.06%

I was still in the UK until late on Tuesday (7th). Monday this week was also a public holiday so the charts were quiet. I was keeping an eye on the charts on Tuesday but after an early move in the morning it went sideways for a lot of the day.

I grabbed a short on Wednesday (8th) that finished with +1.47%. Yesterday (9th) was also profitable, one trade in morning which finished as a loss and one in the evening that covered the loss and brought me to 0.62% for the day. 

EU Sell - Wednesday (Win)
EU Sell 1 - Thursday (Loss)
EU Sell 2 - Thursday (Win)

Today I took two trades, both of which closed at BE. I'm disappointed with these as it's a lot of money left on the table and would've made the week look even better.

EU Sell 1 - Friday (BE)
EU Sell 2 - Friday (BE)

That's around 12 or 13 BE trades since the start of the year. 12 or 13 trades that were up 1% or had got to 1:1 minimum. I need to find a way to get some money from these. Even if it means just aiming for 1:1 on all my entries. I'm pretty much only scalping after all. All in all, I'm up 2.12% for this week which is my weekly target achieved and then some.

On to next week! 

Have a great weekend.



Catch Up, March and Q1

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This is probably the longest i've gone without an entry this year. I flew over to the UK at the end of last week to spend Easter with family. I hope everyone had a good Easter break!

So where are we as of this evening?

The sell I posted about in the last entry was the last trade I took in March, Tuesday 31st was flat. 

So I finished March with a 2.62% gain. Whilst a profit is great, i've mixed feelings about it as the last couple of weeks were tough and ate into the 5.42% that I did have at one stage. Main thing to take from the month is to have a bit more focus and concentrate on the rule set that I have in place.

The overall gain for Q1 was 8.52%. Overall gain from the low on the 9th January was 14.7%.

As Google are soon to discontinue their chart api i've recently made the switch to a website called Highcharts which provides free charts so long as they're for personal use like this. Here are some simple charts for Q1. As well as this, i've updated all the charts in the Results tab above.

Percentage charts can be seen at the Myfxbook link on the left.

Charts - Monday 30th March

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Started this week off with a loss, which finally put paid to any chance of hitting my monthly target. Today's loss was -1.04% leaving me at +2.62% for the month. If I get in a win tomorrow, that'd be great. But I won't be chasing it.

On to today's chart.

On the left of the chart is the highest volume from Friday, marked as 1. Price dropped from the low of this zone this morning. I was looking for an entry here but unfortunately there wasn't a signal to get in. This drop gave me another volume zone at 2. Price failed to break the high of this zone so I took it as weak. Once a signal formed near the low (at the purple 0% from a previous zone) I decided to take it. It didn't go my way and has idled sideways since. Drifting down a small bit but not really showing any conviction.

Will have to see where this goes tomorrow.